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Ten years ago, I turned the Y2K celebration into a geography lesson for my children, then ages 4 and 6. We labelled poster boards with each continent’s name and clipped news stories throughout December of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations around the world.  Newspapers had great color photos of cultural traditions across the continents. As we clipped a photo story to add to our collection, we found its country of origin on the world map. By January 1, 2000, we had great photos across all continents of local traditions on holidays.

Teachers and parents can take that idea, stir in some social media, and have a lively conversation the next two weeks.

On a weekly, if not daily basis, I chat on Twitter with people in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

What would happen if my friends – and your friends – posted photos and info of local traditions to share with others all around the planet? We could share them on Facebook with our good friends and then Tweet them across the planet.

How can you join in?

  1. Tweet or post on Facebook a photo or a news story of a cultural tradition in your home town, using the hashtag #GlobalHolidays.
  2. Tweet or post this blog on Facebook, asking your friends to join the fun.
  3. Search Twitter for the hashtag #GlobalHolidays.  Share interesting things you learn with others – over Facebook, RT with Twitter, or word of mouth in real life.
  4. Ask questions and thank those who participate with #GlobalHolidays.

Enterprising teachers, whether by profession or passion, could then print those pictures and create collages by which kids could learn geography. But it could work better than the static displays of 10 years ago. Now, teachers can take those images and use them as a starting point to begin global conversations to share in the classroom.

In the process of a little global awareness, we could all learn something:

Distance around the globe isn’t a big deal when you’re talking to your friends.


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