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If Charles Dickens blogged today, no one would read him.  He used too many words.

Boomers can have great ideas, but they have to relearn how to write if they want people to read them. Less is more. Long is never read. How can a boomer with great ideas learn to sift for gold and shake out the good stuff? What tools should they use?

  1. Twitter. Tweets are limited to 140 characters. Savvy tweets use 120 or fewer characters so they are more easily retweeted. The more you tweet, the better your writing will shift to the new paradigm. Overly long tweets will make you look old school and past your prime time.
  2. Main Point. What’s your main point? When I teach document layout to non-graphic business people, I tell them to print a page, hold it at arm’s length, and squint. What stands out the most is what the average consumer will see first. Design the rest of the ad around that point. This applies to writing too. Step back from your blog, squint, and determine the main point. Write around that point. If you have more than 1 point, you have more than one blog.
  3. Blog with Word Count. Don’t just blog. Keep the word count at 300 to 400 words. If you go longer, you have a blog series. Start with your premise, your thesis, and evaluate every word and sentence to assure they are essential to your thesis. Don’t repeat yourself. Cut the fat.
  4. Bullet. Bullets are like related tweets and are more likely to be read.
  5. Graphic. Include a graphic or video with your blog. Back link it to your website for better SEO.
  6. Link. Tweet your blog on Twitter. Link it on Facebook. Link it on LinkedIn. If you link properly, it will be read more often than if you just include it in a status line. When you link correctly, your graphic in your blog will show on Facebook and LinkedIn. Links with pictures get more clicks.

I blogged back in the days of 900 word limits. Today’s blog is not a 5 paragraph essay. It is not a dissertation. It is a foot in the door. Smart writers use these tools to powerpack a content rich punch that stands out from boring blogs.

PS: Have keyboard. Will blog. For hire.


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“Have you had your bm yet?” would always make me cringe when I was a kid visiting relatives in the nursing home.

That seemed to be a more important question than “did the sun rise?” or “what’s for breakfast?”

Now as an adult, I understand why they ask it. “If you took Citrucel daily, you would would stay regular,” a family member admonished me.

“I get my fiber from whole grains and real food,” is my reply.

How does that apply to WordPress?

A month ago, Dana Nelson issued a challenge to blog daily. 

I wouldn’t take her up on it publicly because I’ve done this before and know how hard it is. I’m so old I wrote blogs back in the day when there were 900 word limits.  The challenge isn’t to write daily so much as to ensure that every day’s blog is more appealing to read than charting bowel movements in a nursing home.

They should teach, delight, or both. Too much gas, and you’ll stink up the room.

Well, I managed to keep up with Dana’s challenge and decided to take up the WordPress challenge to go the distance for 2011. 

Don’t know if I’ll make it. Hope I don’t get verbal diarrhea. Can’t guarantee there might be a little constipation along the way.

But I’m willing to see if WordPress will be my daily Citrucel, helping me write more regularly.

And write something you would like to read.

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