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The notice that I’m due for a new cell phone is as exciting as a card to get our cat its annual rabies shot.  I hate learning a new phone.  Life’s too complicated, so I ignored the notice.

When I was given a $50 gift certificate to Verizon the week my phone started to die, I thought it had to be Divine Intervention.  

I asked on Facebook and Twitter: Droid or Blackberry?  Answers poured in.

After I tried the Blackberry and Droid, I saw the Devour.  It seemed sturdier, and I liked the keyboard.  The store was out of Devours, so I went home with news that I would be a new Devour user the next day.

When I returned home, I posted on Facebook that my next phone would be a Devour.

My 15-year-old daughter raced up the stairs, “No, Mom!  You can’t!  You have to have the Droid!”

She scolded me on my Facebook wall:

Mother! Please do not consider getting a Devour! The Droid is the Optimus Prime of the phone world. A more powerful camera, higher res and larger screen, and faster internet.

Also, consider the commercials. The Droid has this epic ad:


Therefore, I have made my argument on your phone, and shown Verizon that a Megan Fox commercial is not as effective as the add that uses the line “a stud missile duct-taped to a racehorse.”

 I answered:

I think I just got phone pwned by my daughter. Guess who’s going phone shopping with me tomorrow.

There was a disturbance in the Force.  I was the object of a Droid Pwn Intervention.  By my own daughter, whom I once taught how to keyboard with correct hand position. On MY Facebook wall, when I started FB to monitor HER!

She shopped with me today, and I did get the Droid.  When I got the phone, case, and cover, she took the parts and told me SHE would put it together because I might mess something up. 

First, she showed me how to log into my social media.  With my first Facebook update via Hootsuite, I was relieved.  

Then my daughter played with sounds and settings.  I thought of Yoda in Star Wars, “You must unlearn what you have learned” as I struggled to figure out the new settings.

Later, I realized something we forgot: “How do I answer this?”  Social media’s a higher priority than a telephone.

My kids and I are shifting roles as they pull me out of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon and into a TIE fighter.

 I don’t know if I like my new ship.  However, like Yoda, I can adapt.

 As Yoda said, “Feel the force!”

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