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Early this morning, Forest Hills Wesleyan Church burned in Evansville. Friends of mine and their families have spent a lifetime in that church.  Tonight’s blog is for them and others experiencing loss.

When you lose everything you think you own, it is overwhelming. Almost 10 years ago, we lost our home in a fire. Now I can see good things that came from our loss.

Lessons I learned: 

  1. Grow in compassion.  My children, ages 5 and 7, lost their toys and everything they owned. It gave them both a sensitivity to loss they would otherwise not have.
  2. Don’t love anything that can’t hug you back. Stuff is stuff. You can replace stuff with new stuff. I had a chef’s kitchen before the fire. My replacement kitchen is nice, but I’m not attached to the equipment. A cook makes the food good – not the equipment. 
  3. Good people will help you. We were amazed at the people who stepped forward to help us. Accept their help which will humble you.
  4. Seize the fun. Grab every opportunity to have fun. Two days after our fire, as we waited on insurance adjusters, I took our kids to Holiday World – albeit with borrowed swimming suits and towels. It was our last opportunity to be silly until we rebuilt.
  5. Home is a state of mind more than a state of place.  Our home wasn’t the building but where we lived together. When we spent 3 months living (and running our business) in a 2-bedroom, 800-square foot apartment, we were together, and that’s what mattered.
  6. Rebuild and renew. Don’t recreate the past. It’s gone. Shift rooms and redesign so you build new memories instead of walking into every room and remembering the old ones.
  7. Look for signs of hope. I collect crosses and crucifixes which hang throughout our home. Post fire, during reconstruction, we had white crosses on smoke-stained walls of every room of our home. They impacted those who helped us and carried me when I was most discouraged.
  8. Pay it forward. Once you recover, you will have a lifetime to pay it forward to others in need. 

For today and tomorrow, take it a day, an hour, and a minute at a time. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

When you inch forward, you get that much closer.

If God brings you to it, He will help you get through it! Your friends will be glad to help too!

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I’m too old for bleeding edge tech innovations but love how the following made my life easier this year.  Most, but not all, are apps on my Droid Smartphone. They are all things I began using this year:

  1. Wool cycle on my Whirlpool Duet washer – Much easier, faster, and cleaner than my former handwash days.
  2. Netflix – it’s convenient, with instant download for movies I want to see.
  3. Hootsuite – it’s like social media on streamlined steroids, and I love the phone app too.
  4. #Tristatewx – a Twitter hashtag – Easily see weather changes in the Tri-State area, from weather professionals and locals. Love to see a whole community collaborate with it.
  5. Bump – phone app – Quickly exchange business card information with other iPhone and Droid users who use it.
  6. GStrings – phone app – when my kids carry their violin or guitar places to play, they can quickly and accurately tune their instruments.
  7. Maps – phone app – though I struggle sometimes reading the map, it has saved my bacon while travelling. Though it’s a little hinky sometimes, I like the voice Navigator that helps me get to new destinations.
  8. Voice to Text – phone app – I can ask my phone to search Google, Tweet, or update my Facebook status. Though it struggles with my southern drawl, it saves time.
  9. Barcode Scanner – phone app – I can scan bar codes and compare prices while I shop. QR codes will use this to make 2011 a different kind of year.
  10. Smart Protractor – phone app – helped my kids with their math when we couldn’t find a real protractor in the house.
  11. Evernote – phone app – Thanks to Dan Sully of the Social Media Club of Evansville for introducing this new super organizer tool for those of us who organize better by computer than by way of real paper.
  12. Color Flashlight – phone app
  13. Air Horn – loud horns. When a friend was in a touchy situation alone one evening last year, she downloaded this with her phone on highest volume.
  14. Rosary – phone app
  15. Contacts – My Outlook contacts are synced to my phone, along with my Facebook phone directory.  

The Android LightSaber app did not make the list because they still have no female Jedi, so I have to fight like a guy.  The whoopie cushion app can provide fun laughs, but my more mature, saner half would hate it if I listed it.

Watch in 2011: the Holiday World phone app which promotes a whole community of cool places.

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